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Swap out gluten for 14 days.
Feel better. Win incredible prizes.

About the Challenge

Tired of bloating, brain fog and the midday slump?
Try swapping out your usual bread for Promise Gluten Free bread and see if you feel the difference.

Here's How It Works


Click the button below and fill out a short entry form.


Show us how you’re participating in the challenge by sharing photos using #PromiseOfBetter. The first photo you share will earn you an extra entry.


Win incredible prizes!

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Meet Our Ambassador

Abby Langer has been a Registered Dietitian since 1999, and is the owner of Abby Langer Nutrition in Toronto. She has been published in and been an expert for some of North America's most well-read outlets, including Men's Health Magazine, The New York Times, Women's Health Magazine, and SELF Magazine. Abby's book Good Food, Bad Diet was released by Simon and Schuster in 2021.

Her approach to nutrition is permissive and relaxed, and she is a true believer in living your best life without dieting. Abby is proud to represent Promise Gluten Free products because of their quality, taste, and mission, and she's super excited to lead the Promise Gluten Free Challenge this fall.

About Promise Gluten Free

We’re a family business with over 50 years of baking experience.

Our bakers have spent decades crafting, tasting and refining our recipes so you can enjoy gluten-free baking without compromise. With our wide range of products including brioche, sourdough, bagels, cakes and muffins, we’ve become one of Canada’s most popular gluten free brands. Everything we bake is dairy free, soy and wheat free, low in sugar, high in fibre and simply delicious. But don’t just take our word for it. Join the challenge and see for yourself!

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Swapping regular bread for Promise Gluten Free bread means feeling better without compromising on taste or quality. These delicious recipes prove just that. Enjoy!

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